Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vision Boards & Natural Running

The girls have been working to create their own VISION BOARDS and today a few of them shared their creations.  When describing their boards- the girls used affirmative- present tense language- I AM Lucky, I LOVE MY LIFE, I DREAM BIG, I HAVE a CUTE BOYFRIEND, etc...

Later today, the girls received an AMAZING gift from Newton Running who sent each of the i-tri girls a pair of brand new Newton Running Shoes!!!  We took the bus into town to Gubbins Running Ahead, a Newton distributor, where we were joined by Michael Blanchard from Newton who came out from Colorado to teach the girls about "Natural Running."

He actually had the girls take off their shoes and run barefoot to get the sensation of running naturally and the proper"foot strike" which is achieved when wearing Newton Running Shoes.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i-tri Receives a $10,000 Grant from Simple Works Foundation!

i-tri Girls depositing their “Big Check” at Bridgehampton National Bank,
also featured: Andrew Hellman, BNB Customer Service Associate (back row)
and Gisella Recalde, BNB Commercial Loan Officer
and I-TRI Board Member.(far right)

i-tri recently received a $10,000 grant from Simple Works Foundation which is based in East Hampton. This generous grant helps provide the necessary equipment & training for twenty three young women (ages 11-15) from Springs School who are currently enrolled in the program and are in-training for the 2011 Maidstone Park Youth Triathlon on July 24th. This grant will also enable i-tri to pursue plans to bring the program to other school districts in 2012.