Thursday, July 21, 2011


Race day is just two days away- this Sunday- July 24th at 8am- the former non-athletes will cross a finish line and will be able to proclaim - I AM A TRIATHLETE!!!!  This amazing group of young women have been training their body, minds and spirits since March and are READY TO TRI!!!  Along the way they have discovered hidden talents, they have DREAMED BIG and used affirmations and visualization to get them through choppy water- up steep hills and across the finish line!  Last night they did a run through of the entire race and finished feeling "SO PUMPED!"  We celebrated with a bonfire on the beach!  And today after visiting Dr Aponte at the Wellness Center at Southampton Hospital for our follow up physicals- we went PADDLE BOARDING with Gina and Paddle Divas!!! 

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